Weimar/Tel Aviv
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Bikecore is Alma Alloro, a nerdwannbe girl from Tel Aviv. After years being involved at the local punk scene she found her new god inside 8bit music. Playing bass with the gameboy- disco- punk- trash- band "Goto88 and the Sunshine Band", alongside Goto80 was her first step in the 8bit scene. Stay tuned for lo-fi sounds with punk singing, which are inspired from a wide range of music genres such as mambojambo, swingalli (the west cost school), lolcore, omgacid, wtf?step and alot more!

Skant (C-Base Berlin, March 2009)
Miss The Future (Zimmer, Tel Aviv, June 2009)
The Song That Has Never Done (Zimmer, Tel Aviv, June 2009)